Here are some thoughts after 40 years of more or less working from home:

Where possible, see off the partner if they do go into work.

Negotiate distractions with children

Morning ablutions

Wash the dishes and hang out the washing.

Do not get trapped outside doing a bit of gardening.

Boot up the computer or device, if you haven't already done this to check emails/messages.

Get stuck in.

Break for coffee; fill the kids up with fun stuff - outside, if possible.

Get stuck in

Try to hold the kids off for as long as possible but don't be ashamed to break.

Lunch on the dot to listen or watch the news.

Kids do need a rest after lunch - a really long one if you have the nerve to insist on this. Good luck

Get stuck in

When the kids get up - chuck some food at them, avoiding sugary stuff if possible.

Get stuck in, but not too much because you have to get dinner ready eh.

Sort out something edible for dinner. Put it on.

Chuck the kids outside.

Get stuck in

Check the dinner - burning it is forgiven occasionally but inadvisable.

Get your work gear out of the way, to look like you are completely in control.

Welcome home partner. Listen to his/her fascinating day. Try to get the kids to say nice things about their day, although they will probably give away the fact you fell asleep on the couch while they watched stuff (not necessarily the web site, they probably don't give a damn about that stuff).

Good Luck.

Cheers and Kia Kaha - Mike Smith

Publisher and Editor of The Mud

A (very) rough guide to working from home

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