26 May 2014


Rotorua looks set to have a Children's Art House established.


The National Director of the New Zealand Children's Art House Foundation, Shona Hammond-Boyes, will be in Rotorua on the 27 May to meet Mayor Steve Chadwick and various groups to discuss the establishment of a Children’s Art House in Rotorua. 


As well as being the national director of the foundation, Shona was instrumental in setting up an extremely successful Art House in Opotiki.


Shona will hold a meeting with the Mayor, on 27 May at the Arts Village.  People who are interested in children’s art, and the concept of the Children’s Art House are  invited to attend.


If you or a colleague are interest in children’s art and would like to attend please let me know, please feel free to forward this email to any other people you know who would be interested, contact


The foundation trust was established in 1999 to develop Children's Art Houses throughout New Zealand, with about 20 clubs throughout the country.


Writing on her blog, Shona highlights the benefits for children and the communities they live in as follows:


'Creative children ensure creative communities. Creative fitness of youth is a priority. Buildings and centres which are permanently supplied and valued by the community for youth, enhance the communities chances of that community achieving vibrant peace.


Youth understand that imagination is more important than knowledge, that curiosity magic and wonder and surprise are vital ingredients to the creative search for skill and for self identity ongoingly throughout life.




·         Inclusion in decision making

·         Listening and engaging youth participation as paramount to community development.

·         Using youths skills and innovations and actioning their dreams. Providing the necessary and wide-ranging community training and facilities.

·         Acknowledgement of youth as leaders

·         Youths equal presence at meetings and decision making

·         Actioning youths plans and believing in them as our best place of investment.

·         Provision of facilities.' 


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Children's art house set for Rotorua

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