Council closing book on Mudtopia

Rotorua Lakes Council says no outstanding matters – financial, legal or otherwise – are pending relating to its Mudtopia event.

The council has remained under pressure regarding its role and funding of the event, which is said to have lost as much as $600,00-plus.

The event has been dogged by opponent’s accusations about funding, but the council has told The Mud in a statement that its decision to approve the event was based on feasibility work funded by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), a business case and MBIE’s financial commitment for the event.

The Mud contacted Simon Brady, one of the directors of Event Engine Limited, to provide him with an opportunity to explain the background to the event and management, and to answer critics.  He declined the opportunity.

The council says Event Engine was engaged to manage Mudtopia on behalf of Council, following a public tender process and reference checking.

The council’s statement to The Mud said its contract with Event Engine Limited did not include any commissions and the amount for “festival directors” covered the team who organised the festival (not just Messrs Brady and Rice) as well as event management, marketing, public relations, music promotion and stage management, sponsorship, on-site operations and more over almost 18 months.

Event Engine had engaged various parties to deliver various aspects.  Endeavour Live Ltd was engaged to deliver the social media component.

“Following the inaugural event, Council made a decision to not fund any further events. There are many factors which impact on the success or otherwise of an event and in relation to Mudtopia, these have been reported to Council.

“There are no outstanding matters, financial, legal or otherwise, relating to Mudtopia,” the council statement said.

Subsequent to Mudtopia, a Golden Oldies sports event in Christchurch had to be down-sized after failing to attract sufficient support.


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