Maverick councillors stymie fluoride poll

1 August 2014

Maverick Rotorua District Councillors have voted 7-6 against going ahead with a controversial referendum on whether to introduce fluoride into the water supply.


Following the RDC meeting last night (Thursday) Anti-fluoride advocates are claiming victory on their Facebook page.


"We won! Rotorua councillors have just voted 7 to 5 against having a binding referendum on fluoridation. That puts the issue to rest in Rotorua. Yay, Rotorua remains fluoridation free!! 

"Well done everyone that helped. Well done Rotorua councillors!"


Key councillors, who are also Lakes District Health Board members, turned against the holding of a referendum.


The councillors' decision confirms the council will abrogate its decision-making on this vital issue for Rotorua's health and well-being.


At the time the original decision was discussed at a committee meeting, the anti- group had a petition on signed by 49 supporters.  At the same time, their Facebook page “Keep Rotorua water safe and fluoride free” had a total of 51 friends.


As the decision was being made at the council meeting, the petition had only 249 supporters and still needed 251 - even after a public meeting speciously claiming to "educate" people on the issue.  


The Fluoride Vote List


The following is a list of councillors who voted for and against the motion at last night's meeting.  The importance of the list is that two Lakes DHB elected board members were among those voting against the right for Rotorua residents to decide the issue for themselves.


For a referendum:

Steve Chadwick

Dave Donaldson

Karen Hunt

Mike McVicker

Tania Tapsell

Janet Wepa


Against the referendum:

Peter Bentley 

Mark Gould 

Rob Kent

Trevor Maxwell

Merepeka Raukawa-Tait (Lakes DHB Board member)

Glenys Searancke

Charles Sturt (Lakes DHB Board member)



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