15 May 2020

Rotorua Airport is preparing last-ditch legal action to stop the removal of the airport's Air Traffic Control services, Radio New Zealand reported.

The report quoted the chief executive of Rotorua Airport, Mark Gibb, as having written to government ministers asking them to intervene in the proposal to make the controllers redundant.

He said if no progress was made, legal action will be taken as a last resort.

"We have been working tirelessly to fight this proposal because we firmly believe it will risk the safety of those flying in and out of the airport - and ultimately the airport's future viability."

It comes after the country's largest aviation union, the Airline Pilots Association, announced they were pursuing legal action earlier this month.

Gibb said while it was not their preferred option, it reflected the seriousness of the proposed move and the level of concern the airport has with the proposal.

The heavily tourism-dependent city has been significantly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The report could not be confirmed.

Court against loss of services at Rotorua Airport.

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