Rotorua fish and chips top of fan list


Muddy Waters

It may be nearly sixty kilometres from the sea but Rotorua's Devon Seafoods has been placed top of the list of fish and chips shops throughout New Zealand.

The rating on the Stuff news web site saw fans  from around the globe including Canada, England and Australia.

"Their fish is fresh, light and crispy and is the go-to chippie in Rotorua, Stuff reported.

Muddy Waters, being a nearby neighbour of the fish shop, doesn't want the place to be too talked up but agrees with the customers who have left rave reviews such as "Devon Seafoods!! They're the bomb!" and "Gave up buying fish n chips years ago as they were always awful. Then friends recommended this place. "Couldn't believe it! Chips crunchy, fish delicious with crispy batter and service very friendly. Oh dear ... Now buying fish n chips every week!"

The Kelly family have operated the fish shop for years, with Dave still serving up the country's best after 26 years in the shop.

As Stuff says: "Dave, you're the real MVP!."

The article also suggests the wharf fish and chip operaton in Tauranga is up there as well, but it does have the draw back of being overcrowded with visitors to the harbour city.  Its location on the wharf also means diners in the makeshift facilities or the adjacent reserve have to put up with squawking seagulls and passing heavy traffic.

Fish Smith in the trendy Auckland suburb of Herne Bay also receives accolades for itsflaky fish and crispy chips but doesn't seem to come in a paper wrap, instead having its own portable plate for those harbour-side meals with pinot gris.


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