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Serial: The Last Newspaper in the World

To launch our DigArt section, BMS Books is serialising one of the books it has produced by a local author. Updated weekly and free to access.

Rotorua is a place of creation. From the mud at our feet to the steam vaporising above our heads, we live in one of the most creative places on earth.  


Our city has given rise to a number of people who have made and continue to make an impact of the creative arts in Aotearoa New Zealand.


DigArt allows you to get stuck into your favourite creative past time (obsession).

On Show

What exciting works of art are around town.

Down on Fenton Street

The sounds of our musos as they go to town.

Mud Lit up

Get reading with Rotorua's talented novelists, poets, songwriters, and other free radicals.

Hands made me

From pottery to working ancient wood, we have a long history of craft work.

When a small town mayor is found dead with a bullet in his head, the death becomes the catalyst for change for a reluctant reporter and a newspaper on the edge.

NZ Music Month Celebrates Rotorua's Young Singer-Songerwriters

The Mud's Mike Smith went to a gig celebrating Rotorua's young singer-songwriters.  Held upstairs at the Kusab's building, the event was organised by John Hamilton of MusicWorks part of New Zealand Music Month. 

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Check out some of the art works showing in Rotorua galleries. 

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