Elections 2014 Street Poll:

Does it matter who represents Rotorua?

29 July 2014


With parliamentary elections coming up in September, The Mud took to the streets to find out whether it really matters who represents Rotorua and why?


Voters interviewed showed strong interest in the election and who might support them. This is at odds with local body elections last year.


Nicky Dean summed it up short and sweetly by saying "Yes it does, because I think people need to trust the person representing [them].'


Nick Hosking "Yeah, I suppose it does, because the person who represents Rotorua in Parliament needs to be for the city, you know, for the best interests of the city. So, yeah, I think it does [matter]."


Tanya, who didn't give her second name, also said it does matter who represents Rotorua.  She added some thoughts about why and what that person needed to bring to the job.


"It's a tourist-based town, so I think [who represents us] impacts on that a lot, I think, as well. As long as the tourism keeps going and I think there needs to be a bit more night time stuff for people as well, because there isn't a lot here in Rotorua."


Steven Arthur brought a clear message to the discussion. "Of course it does [matter]; because if we get the wrong people representing us in Parliament, it's worse than having no one at all."


 Jessica Box gave an unequivocal "Yes" adding: "Because Rotorua is a town of its own and we need people in Parliament to be able to speak up for the needs of people in Rotorua."


The interviews were done by new intern Michael Kilkelly, with editing by Mike Smith.

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