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Caution urged on targeting youth in city clean up

31 October 2013


A word of caution has been sounded over targeting young people in groundbreaking revival of Rotorua's inner city launched at a meeting of more than 150 people.

The new Mayor Steve Chadwick highlighted the Rotorua District Council's commitment for the project being pushed by inner city retailers and business owners disgruntled at the state of what is now called The Heart of the City.

The district council has received the blame and this was highlighted during the recent local elections when The Mud raised these concerns with incoming councillors.

Steve Chadwick was elected with an overwhelming majority and has quickly taken to the job of working with businesses to boost the inner city. The mayor underscored her commitment at the launch of The Heart of the City Revival, and was joined in this by new RDC CEO Geoff Williams.

New district councillor Tania Tapsell, 21, welcomed the announced projects around the revival but did sound a word of caution.

Interviewed by The Mud after the meeting, Tanya said it was great to see the council chambers full of community members and she welcomed the emphasis on security and safety during the discussions.

"But it does seem to victimise young people a little bit, and I always say it is only the few giving a bad reputation for the many."

Young people should be included in the Heart of the City project, she said, adding this is why she stood for and gained a seat on the council.

"For this project in particular, I want to see young people involved, because at the end of the day this city is going to be their future."

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