29 May 2014


Rotorua District Council will be left with a much reduced core staff once the final numbers are trimmed through redundancies or transferred to new business units.


The RDC has announced the changes in employment and structure it is hoped will deliver a more slimmed down council with greater focus on a more sustainable organisation.


A press release accompanying the announcements, said Mayor Steve Chadwick "endorses" the reorganisation which was called for as part of a public groundswell of change communicated to many elected officials during last year's election campaign.


“People told us they wanted council working differently and said the organisation was inefficient. The executive has now been able to respond to this.”


Steve Chadwick said the changes would enable a better organisation and also contribute about $3.5 million towards annual savings – but acknowledged there would also be an impact for the district.


“Some people who are working for the district now will not have a job at RDC once the dust settles, and that is unfortunate for us all as that pain will be shared across our community,” Mrs Chadwick said.


“However, I commend (RDC chief executive Geoff Williams) and the staff for taking on the challenge and producing the organisational model required to deliver on our community’s future needs and aspirations.”


The numbers provided with the press release show that as at 1 July 2014, RDC core service numbers will reduce from 388 full-time equivalent employees (FTEs) to 322 FTEs, a reduction of 66 FTE staff.  In addition, 192 FTE staff will be transferred to new council controlled organisations (CCOs) and RDC carried historical vacancies into the realignment process.  






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