17 June 2014


Nine months on and our baby is out there doing it! The Inner City Focus Group (ICFG), borne out of a fertile partnership between committed local business people and the newly awakened RDC, ICFG is alive and kicking on for our city.


To a packed Council Chamber of Rotorua business people, on Monday evening, Councilor Karen Hunt and inner city leader Mike Steiner and others reported on what’s happened so far and what’s next in line. 

We did Scrub (up) Rotorua Day complete with The Mud’s cleanest window comp; Pukuatua/ Tutanekai intersection was revamped and they rolled on down to Eruera/Tutanekei; 120 minute parking appeared in some places; pop-up galleries appeared in others; murals adorned tired walls and the hedges went from the Focus; a plain tree was yarn-bombed to rave about; taggers were challenged to be part of the solution to the pollution; Rotorua  Central is connecting to the real city out there and down at Eat Street they dine under cover; and more .


Looking forward, the service bar will be raised; anti-crime training is in prospect for local business; Jake Seats will light (and warm) you up from below; the Tulip Festival and Light up Rotorua will appear in your calendar; and more art short- and long-term will appear. And a retired TV chef and judge is out there this week drilling down on our city food chain, watch this space or at least that of his sponsors!


As well, and seriously, more real issues will be tackled head on including the City Focus, bus routes, cycle ways, public toilets and campervan parking.


The Mud is proud to have been there for the birth and the nurturing so far and applauds all those who have stepped up on both sides of the partnership. The ICFG child is walking but relies on the widest city whanau support to continue to grow and achieve. If you have not put up your hand, there is space for you and, like all volunteering; the tangible and intangible benefits go both ways. As the chef promised, we will live a better life in our special town.


Confident baby steps for Inner City Group

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