Push for inner city revitalisation

A ginger group of  retailers, business people and interested parties has been set up to push for the revitalisation of the inner city of Rotorua. Their push has made the need to boost the city an important issue for the 2013 local elections. The Mud talked to Mike Steiner, who is one of group's leaders what they wanted and why the election focus. We talked to people on the street to find out their views on this boiling hot topic.

Mike Steiner

Mike Steiner talks to The Mud about a ginger group of retailers, businesspeople and interested parties pushing for the redevelopment and revitalisation of the Rotorua inner city.

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Voting in local elections is vital for Rotorua's future

Mike Steiner is leading a group of retailers and businesspeople in Rotorua wanting changes to the inner city. He talks to The Mud about why it is important for people to vote in the local elections.

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Street Poll | What will attract people into the centre of Rotorua?

Paris has the Eiffel Tower, Sydney has the Opera House - Rotorua has....The Mud asked people in a busy Tutanekai Street on Friday afternoon what developments or changes they thought could attract more people into the city centre.
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A group of retailers and businesspeople have established an inner city focus group to work with the Rotorua District Council in towards better development of the central business district.


Mike Steiner, a well-known retailer, cautions that the group is not going after the council as such but have real concerns.


“We have come to the conclusion that it is really time we put a stake in the ground and said ‘hey, we need to take back ownership of this area and we need to be responsible for putting some input into that area’.”


Group has established a dialogue with council, which he said had been “incredibly receptive and more than happy to meet with us in an open discussion to look at the on-going development and revitalisation of the CBD”.


Talk about a ginger group has been about for some time, but Mike says it has been important for those involved for the focus group to put down firm foundations, and to establish a good dialogue with the council.


The group’s intention is that by November it will be able produce a co-ordinated and cohesive plan for the revitalisation of the inner city.


For more details, click to Mike Steiner transcript.

Stake in ground on inner city revitalisation

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