Internships at The Mud


The Mud offers reporting, photography, social media and sales and marketing internships to qualified applicants in Rotorua throughout the year.


Since starting in June 2013, we have hosted three interns and have been delighted with the results in giving them invaluable experience in this exciting, fast-paced news media scheme.


We are specifically seeking to assist motivated people aiming to further their careers in two aspects of the media:


  • Journalism, media, photography, and research, and

  • Sales and marketing for social and online media outlets.


The Mud’s journalism internship is challenging, one day you can be interviewing the leader of a political party and the next doing a street poll on a topic of interest to Rotorua.


However, we provide interns with professional support from our experienced team, which includes professionals in journalism and online publishing services.

Terms usually run for three months or until the intern seeks to start a career or period of study.


Upon completing a spell as an intern at The Mud, you will have built up a file of work of published articles, video presentations and/or photographs.  You will receive a personalised reference from the editor to utilise in the next stage of your journey.


Funding is in line with the NZ Freelance Writers Association rates for such community and small publications.



To apply, send an email to The Mud at

Subject: Internships

Or phone – 07-349 4107 during business hours

Note: Internships are only available to Rotorua residents.

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