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Muddy Waters

29 September 2018

The Rotorua Lakes Council is set to meet today (27 September) without a report being tabled by the key Strategy, Policy and Finance Committee’s September meeting – that’s because this important committee didn’t meet.*

On 5 September, the council advised that the Strategy, Policy and Finance Committee meetings on 13 September, 11 October and 8 November will start at the later time of 11.15am.

The council then further advised on 7 September that the Strategy, Policy and Finance Committee meeting on 13 September was “now cancelled”. The committee meetings on 11 October and 8 November will start at 11.15am as earlier advised, however.

The Mud asked the council for the reason why the September of this important committee was cancelled.

The council replied: “The meeting has been cancelled due to the timing and availability of information.”

The Mud followed by ask “as this is an important meeting, is it possible to be more specific re 1. the timing; and 2, the availability of information?”

The council said that from time-to-time it was necessary to cancel a scheduled committee meeting due to unforeseen circumstances.

“To do so is not taken lightly and every effort is undertaken to ensure that the scheduled meetings take place when advertised. 

Elected members were entitled by legislation to have at least three working days’ notice of the full agenda, the council said. 

“In this case, the agenda could not be published within this notice period, mainly due to awaiting information required in the agenda papers which will allow elected members to make robust and informed decisions.”

The items scheduled for the September meeting of the Strategy, Policy and Finance Committee meeting would be moved to the next Council meeting or the October meeting of this committee.

When the agenda for the September council meeting was circulated, The Mud asked which items in the council agenda were those which had been scheduled for the committee meeting that was not held.

This question was asked to identify which of the items might have held up the process and led to the cancellation of the statutory committee.

Note, the Strategy, Policy and Finance Committee is top of the list in the council’s list of committees on its web site.

Members of the committee include:

Chairperson: Cr M Raukawa-Tait

Deputy Chairperson: Cr K Hunt

Members:  Mayor and all councillors, Mrs S Trumper (Rural Community Board), Mr P Thomass (Lakes Community Board), Mrs G Mohi and Mr E Berryman-Kamp (Te Tatau o Te Arawa)

As the name and membership suggests, the committee is a key one in deciding not only financial issues but also future planning and policy guidance for the Rotorua district.

* Note: The Mud subsequently received the following message from the council - 

The following reports initially scheduled for the Strategy, Policy & Finance meeting on 13 September 2018 are now scheduled for the next Strategy, Policy and Finance committee meeting to be held on 11 October 2018: “Menz Shed Rotorua – New lease on Pererika Street Reserve” and “Watersports Trust – Lease extension”

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