By Muddy Waters

Rotorua's Mobile Library service is set to be replaced by a wider new technology service for the community.  The Rotorua District Council voted on a proposal to replace the "large and ageing" mobile service with a fleet of smaller vehicles and new high tech services at its 27 February meeting.

The library has been reviewing the mobile library service. The large and ageing mobile library says the existing vehicle was purchased in 2000 and "has, in the last six months, required considerable maintenance. The size of the current vehicle limits the usefulness of the mobile library in terms of places it is too large to visit and the need for a driver with an HT licence.

"Replacing the larger vehicle with several smaller vehicles would better suit the needs of the community."

The reports says "An opportunity has arisen" to obtain a vehicle, fitted
out with technology, suitable for the library’s requirements at no cost to the library other than ongoing maintenance and fuel costs.

"This vehicle will not replace the mobile library service entirely but will enable the library to provide a service to the rural community, schools, retirement and other community groups that reflects the services provided in the main library."

The report says the move to this approach also provides for a transition from the bus.

The vehicle comes via Noel Leeming, the chain store in the city's group of centralised shops - otherwise called the mall - in connection with the  Nga Pumanawa e Waru education trust, which aims to help boost learning in Rotorua.  The vehicle has been used as part of a the firm's community technology advancement operations.

The vehicle will likely cost $40,000 but will come with $60,000 worth of technology gifted by Noel Leeming and already in place as part of its previous role in promoting technology.



Mobile library to go in high tech upgrade

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