6 5 2020

Housing charity Habitat for Humanity is calling for contactless donations of quality used goods it can sell to raise funds for housing need through its ReStore charity shops.

The Habitat ReStore charity shop in Rotorua is now accepting contactless donations of goods, so organisers are asking people to make a booking to do so, to help keep them and the people it serves safe.

Manager Joe Dorset and the team have also been working hard through levels 4 and 3 to sell goods online through Trademe.

They’ve also come up with the idea to offer items for contactless sale out of the window.

The ReStore is in Edmund Road, and the line for the Four Square stretches back in front of the ReStore windows, so this has both given people something to look at, and a way to help keep us raising funds for the charity.



Providing vital housing support for families

The housing charity ensures vital housing support for families, and Habitat Auckland Chief Executive Conrad Lapointe said ReStore earnings were needed to support its home repair, progressive homeownership and rental programmes.

“We know that people have been decluttering during the lockdown, and would like to donate their household goods and furniture to a charity – but with Covid-19, they may be unsure how to do that safely.”

Lapointe said Habitat had taken professional advice and was following strict guidelines for handling and quarantining items.

“Our ReStore workers and volunteers have set up the necessary contactless goods drop off and quarantine systems that will help keep everyone safe. Our practices are similar to those in place for people picking up retail goods in a contactless way, and with stringent controls inside our buildings.”

“We’re looking forward to helping people make that connection between decluttering and helping Habitat raise funds for housing need. And in turn, our ReStores will be able to help customers access affordable, clean, quality items they need when we can open again for in-store retail.”



ReStore goods donors were encouraged to make a booking for a contactless drop-off, with store contact details across the country available at www.habitat.org.nz/restore. Some stores were also offering a pickup service.

The charity was also asking people to ensure their donations were clean, complete, wrapped or boxed and sorted into separate categories as if they were packed for moving house.

“We have been busy selling goods online at Trademe through the levels, but stocks are starting to get low,” Lapointe said.

Pandemic decluttering boost for housing

Habitat for Humanity Rotorua's Steven Hatcher (left) and 'Joe Dorset, right with  Voni Mankelowe in the background.

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