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The Mud restaurant and cafe 'mystery' reviewers will visit the eateries and experience fully the meals, service and ambiance of the eatery.  Where possible, this will be done as a blind test but Rotorua being Rotorua, this may be difficult in all cases.

Video follow up: Where possible, after our reviewer has completed the task, The Mud will return to interview the staff so diners can learn more about the venue than simply the menu.  

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Enter our Mixing Bowl competition to win a bottle of Mud House wine or a special loaf of Marx Bakery's Gluten Free bread. Send in your favourite recipes.  The Mud will be awarding a bottle of this tasty wine once a month to the recipe from out of your own mixing bowl. Show the rest of Rotorua your favourites!

Video: Better still, send us a video of your recipe being made in your very own kitchen. 


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