Poetry in the age of digi-speak


19 August 2014


In an age of digital technology, spoken and performance poetry gives rise to the voice behind the words. 



So the Rotorua Mad Poets is interested in attracting new members and is inviting people to its National Poetry Day event, this on Friday 22 August .


Mad Poet’s Secretary Jackie Evans says “we’d love to see more of the community enjoying poetry. We’re all getting on a bit so it’s time to start passing the batten and bring younger members into our group.” 


Rotorua Performance Poet Julia Charity has been a member of Rotorua Mad Poet’s for seven years. She says “I think once poetry has you by its hook, there’s nothing you can do but surrender.”


Julia thinks it’s important to connect with people on a level that touches or moves them. “To do that, you need to reveal a part of yourself. 


“I think people relate to rhymes when they’re about simple everyday things, but they need to be packed with feeling.” 


The event will be held at the Atlantis Bookshop (formerly Toyworld) with nibbles from 5.30 pm.


Maybe you or someone you know has a poem you would like to read or share on the night for our ‘Open Mic’ session. The event will include members of the Taupo Live Poets.



Celebration of National Poetry Day – Open Mic

Friday 22 August 2014

Atlantis Bookshop, 1206 Eurera Street, Rotorua, Free

Poetry readings, Open Mic

Contact: Julia Charity, Performance Poet

julia@lookafterme.co.nz  or  check out Facebook ‘National Poetry Day’

021 511 606 or 07 345 3987




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