Police happy with Rotorua Easter Weekend response


14 4 2020

The Police have congratulated the Rotorua and Murupara communities for their response to the COVID-19 lockdown over the Easter Weekend.

In response to questions from The Mud, Rotorua Area Commander, Inspector Phillip Taikato said the majority of people in Rotorua continued to abide by the restrictions currently in place, even during the Easter weekend.

“Rotorua Police are pleased that we didn’t encounter many breaches and what we dealt with were mainly on the lower end of the spectrum,” he said.

“We stopped a group heading to Mamaku for a hunt and, they were given a warning.”

Police also shut down a house party, and the homeowner was issued a written warning.

Following an incident involving a kayaker, the person received a warning.

Inspector Taikato said there had been no arrests in Rotorua for breaching restrictions over the weekend

“Overall, we have been running continuous checkpoints placed strategically around the lake, and the response has been extremely positive.”

People at supermarkets and dairies have been generally courteous.

“Police are happy to note that the Rotorua and Murupara community have been leading the way in observing the restrictions and staying in their bubble,” Inspector Taikato said.

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