27 February 2014


It was a lovely mellow late Sunday morning when we got to Relish. A large group was ensconced in the outdoor area so we went inside.


The cream stucco walls, wooden floors and comfortable furniture means the café is easy to be in, and the large concertina window frame was open to the sunshine. A gas fire would make the café cosy in winter.


We started by looking at the lunch menu which had an interesting mix of dishes, including some Asian-inspired. We decided to switch to the all-day breakfast offerings, ordering the sweetcorn fritters and bacon and the mushrooms and bacon.


Four feature blackboards up on the main wall provide plenty of prompts for people needing inspiration as to what to order. One has suggestions for sandwiches (two fresh or toasted for $8.00), a second lists the vegetarian and gluten free offerings, the third has the Relish top ten meals, including old favourites such as Eggs Bennie and Lamb Shanks. The fourth blackboard listed the line-up of desserts.


At the counter an inviting array of cakes and slices was on show to tempt someone wanting a little something with their coffee.


The meals were fine and quite tasty, but the presentation was not as inviting as these dishes can be. E.g. my fritters could have benefited from a small green garnish, and the thick grain toast served with the mushrooms overly-dominated the eye appeal of the meal.The cappuccino and long black to follow were up to standard.


The service was friendly and inviting.


Total price for brunch for two: $46.00

Relish is located at 1149 Tutanekai Street, Rotorua



The Mud review of Relish Cafe

Note: The Mud cafe reviews are undertaken on a 'mystery shopper' basis, and followed up by a one-on-one video interview with the owner.
Note: No video opportunity was available with this cafe.

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