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The Mud has launched a new quiz to help pass the time during the current COVID-19 closedown period. The source for the questions is mostly a book given to me the other day by Mary A., a friend (see source below). Answers to questions will be posted later. First prize for the quickest to answer all or most questions is having fun finding them. :) Anwers will be posted the next day

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The Mud Quiz 1

25 3 2020*


1. In what year did Queen Elizabeth II, the Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Charles visit Rotorua?
2. What was the name of Rotorua’s first hotel?
3. What was the name of a Rotorua transport pioneer – clue, a street name in Glenholme?
4. Which real estate company goes back to a land agency business in 1911?
5. What sawmill was established in 1939?

Courtesy of ‘Rotorua People – 1880’s to 1940’s by Peggy (Ford) Allen, ISBN 0-473-03821-8


* We posted this earlier but our website was struggling along with many due to internet overload.

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