The Mud Daily Quiz 3


The Mud Quiz 3

27 3 2020

1 Who owned the Tihi o Tonga (now known as Tihiotonga) land?

2 What was the name of the Judge who had Rotorua laid out in blocks?

3.Name the son of Queen Victoria who visited Rotorua in 1901.

4 Who was the Mayor of Rotorua from 1971 to 1977?

5 Name the forest planted during the Great Depression of 1929-1939.


Courtesy of ‘Rotorua People – 1880’s to 1940’s by Peggy (Ford) Allen, ISBN 0-473-03821-8

Answers for The Mud Quiz 2

1 Glenholme School was opened in in 1948
2 John (Jack) Stafford
3. Ray Smith
4 Ngongotaha
5 Autiti Whikiriwhi

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