The Mud Daily Quiz 4


1. What was the name of the first hotel in the newly created Rotorua township (Clues: Not at Ohinemutu; and it is a man’s first name)?

2. Which Eastern Maori MP was also Parliament’s Speaker?

3. What was the name of Rotorua’s first steam launch?

4. Name the first three schools in Rotorua.

5. Who was the Rotorua man who flew into Buchenwald Concentration Camp with a British Parliamentary Delegation after World War 2?


Courtesy of ‘Rotorua People – 1880’s to 1940’s by Peggy (Ford) Allen, ISBN 0-473-03821-8


The Mud Daily Quiz 3 Answers

1. Ngati Whakaue Tribal Lands Inc.

2. Judge Fenton

3. York Steet – Duke and Duchess of York

4. Ray Boord

5. Kaingaroa Forest (no longer government-owned)





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