The Mud Daily Quiz 6


9 4 2020

1 Where was the first steam sawmill in the Rotorua area?

2 Out of the headwaters which stream was water first pumped for Rotorua?

3 The railway ran close to which street south of the central city?

4 Where was the geyser that erupted in 1903 killing three people?

5 What was the name of the guide who was also the captain of the1888-89 ‘New Zealand Natives’ rugby touring team?

6 Sculptor W.H. Feldon sculpted a memorial in the Government Gardens unveil in 1927.  What was the name of the memorial?

7 Where is the site of a former transit camp for families waiting for State houses that is now an unused property development?

8 Which lake draws its name from an early ancestor from the Te Arawa canoe who explored the lakes district?

9 What is the name of the volcanic caldera (large volcanic crater formed by a major eruption) that includes Lake Tarawera?


Courtesy of ‘Rotorua People – 1880’s to 1940’s by Peggy (Ford) Allen, ISBN 0-473-03821-8 and

The Mud Daily Quiz 5 Answers

1 Donna Hall

2 Steele Family

3 1990

4 California Redwoods

5 Rotorua Review

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