The Mud Quiz 7


13 4 2020

1 Which popular Rotorua P.R.O. was the first Maori television Host and went on to host wrestling bouts on the tele?

2 In Rotorua’s early days (1860ish) roses planted in the central city became widespread; humans were not responsible – who or what was?

3 What is the meaning of geothermal?

4 What is the Maori term for a dwelling-place?

5 The term adventive, in relation to plants, means?


The Mud Quiz 6 Answers

1 Rotoiti

2 Utuhina Stream

3 Pererika Street

4. Waimangu

5 Joseph Warbrick

6 The Arawa Memorial – commemorating the men who fought and direct in World War One.

7 Corner of Ranolf Street and Malfroy Road.

8 Lake Rotoiti - Te Rotoiti-kite-a-Īhenga, which links it to Īhenga.

9 The Okataina Caldera


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