The Mud Quiz 8


From the Mamaku Mudster

Whakarewarewa Forest has at one time and another been the site of experiments with well in excess of 100 pines. 

  • These have gradually have been whittled down until today are around how many species of pines?

  • Along which well-known road adjacent to Whakarewarewa Forest may these tree varieties be seen? 

  • Radiata Pine (Pinus radiata) initially came from a very restricted area near the coast of which American State?

  • Beneath the pine forests many species of native shrub, fern, etc., have regenerated; however so too have a number of shrubby weeds.


In 1959 The British Lions toured NZ and in addition to test matches played many provincial sides including a Bay of Plenty side.

A BOP forward scored three tries in that game and was selected in the All Blacks’ to tour South Africa the next year.

  • Who was that player?

  • Which player who had played all four tests in the 1956 series against the Springboks was selected in the BOP/Lions game at No. 10 switching to his AB position of second five in the second half?

  • Who kicked the winning penalty goal for the Lions in the BOP game with five minutes to full time? 


The Mud Quiz 7 Answers

Q Which popular Rotorua P.R.O. was the first Maori television Host and went on to Host Wrestling......?

Answer Ernie Leonard

Q. In Rotorua’s early days (1860 ish) roses planted in the central city became widespread, humans were not responsible – who or what was?

Answer: Horses - they ate them at spots in town and carried the seeds spreading them for miles

Q. What is the meaning of geothermal?

Answer: relating to the heat of the Earth’s interior.

Q. What is the Maori term for a dwelling-place?

Answer; Kainga.

Q. The term adventive, in relation to plants, means?

Answer:  Arriving from outside: in contrast to native.

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