The Mud Quiz 9


Get stuck into the latest version of The Mud Quiz.  This one again from our contributer the Mamaku Mudster.

  1. What year did Rotorua become a borough?

  2. What year did Rotorua become a city?

  3. In what year did the New Zealand Government open a European style bath house in Rotorua?

  4. Approximately how many species of Moth exist in Aotearoa?

  5. Rotorua produced one of this country’s foremost historians; his finest works concerned Te Arawa.  Who was this person?

  6. The Tapsell Family are a prominent family in the Bay of Plenty – Phillip Tapsell was a pioneer settler, visiting Aotearoa New Zealand several times and finally settling here in 1828.  His marriage to his third wife, Hineiturama, a famous Arawa Chieftainess produced six children.  Phillip and Hineiturama were adventurous and courageous people.  Tragically, Hineiturama was killed

  7. in battle.  Please name the battle.


Answers to The Mud Quiz 8

47 species

Long Mile Road

California buddleia, Darwin’s barberry, Japanese honey-suckle, blackberry, pampas grass, old man’s beard, there are many more lesser varieties

any four qualifies as correct.

Eric Anderson, tight-head prop

Bill Gray

Ken Scotland, Full back


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