16 July 2014


A new company sports management agency set up in Rotorua aims to give South American players a New Zealand rugby experience.


Toro Sports has been set up by Carla Garcia (pictured) and her partner Gabriel Morales has been in Argentina and Brazil on a visit home from Rotorua. Carla is from Argentina and Gabriel is from Brazil and their visit home recently coincided with the Football World Cup.


Carla told The Mud exclusively about the trip and about their plans for Toro Sports:


"This world cup 2014 was crazy; it was an experience like no other. No one understands what happened to Brazil in the game against Germany! It has been the most sour experience ever! On the other hand Argentinians are proud of our football team.


"The main reason for our trip to South America with my partner Gabriel Morales was to introduce Toro Sports Management (our new sports management agency in Rotorua specialising in Rugby) to Argentinean teams, visit family and also to have lots of fun.


"We are identifying potential players with the capacity to play internationally and recruiting them but our project is more ambitious, as we will be creating an academy of rugby by 2015, aiming to help international amateur players to improve their Rugby abilities while learning some English and enjoying themselves in Rotorua.


"We are passionate about rugby but like any other South American , football is in our DNA and we could not miss the opportunity to live the unique experience of a world cup in Brazil. With that I can explain that even though our trip was mainly for business, it was not easy to plan our meetings and visits to rugby clubs but we gamble thinking of possible game results so we would not miss an important game.


"I can tell you that before our trip there was fear of a big protest to escalate and put everyone in risk but the magic of football was bigger thatn that, politics or anything else.

We are passionate about  football in south america just like Kiwis are crazy about rugby in New Zealand. We live it with  joy and intensity."


Carla García, Marketing Manager of Toro Sports

Carla Garcia



Toro sells Rotorua rugby experience to South Americans

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