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Cafés and restaurants in Rotorua have become more than just a place to meet friends for coffee and a chat or a special dinner.


As the number of independent, contracted or freelance business people has grown, eateries have grown to become almost an extension of the office. This is good for both parties – people get out of isolated offices for a social meeting; the eateries become part of the cultural life of businesses big and small.


Everybody has their favourite, but one of the drawbacks can be cramped circumstances making discreet business competitions less viable or overly loud music leading to business discussions turning into shouting matches.


Add in a WiFi connection – a separate article – and we have virtual offices complete with food and drink.


Urbano Bistro is more than a coffee place, although the coffee is great, and it is this reviewer’s local when wanting somewhere to talk quietly or meet somebody for the first time.


My guest and I both ordered Caesar salads. Highlights were: the crisp fresh lettuce; the anchovies in their own special spoon.


I didn’t have coffee this time – needing the refreshing orange juice – but Lara was fine with hers. The black and white theme is not to everybody’s taste, but it does reflect a more sophisticated, business air than a café. This is reflected in some slightly higher prices.


At night, Urbano serves dinners based on “contemporary and innovative” themes.The wait person was nice and helpful, and our meals arrived promptly for a lunch meeting.


Total price for lunch for two: $49.90


Urbano Bistro is located at 289 Fenton Street, Glenholme, Rotorua 3010

Note: The Mud cafe reviews are undertaken on a 'mystery shopper' basis, and followed up by a one-on-one video interview with the owner.

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