Yamato Japanese Restaurant


My partner and I dodged into Yamato at lunch time with only thirty minutes to spare and Yamato exceeded expectation within ambience that was calm and dignified.


Having explained our short time frame, we were advised to select from the sushi menu.  The service we received was authentic Japanese – serenely prompt and courteous.


We chose to sit at the sushi bar which means being comfortably seated on stools at a u-shaped ‘bar’ surrounding the sushi chef.  Yamato’s sushi is prepared on the spot, with effortless efficiency.  The staff seemed to be affected with Zen passivity, setting diners comfortably at ease.


Our lunch arrived in the time it took for our water, plates and utensils to be placed, and tasted very fresh.  The meat was sumptuous and delicate.  The salad, crisp and clean on the palate.  


Between us, we ordered miso soup and raw salmon sushi roll, teriyaki chicken roll (half serve), and a salad hand roll, which is sushi ingredients – rice and salad – rolled into a cone shape that you hold in your hand, presumably for the reluctant convenience of eating on-the-run. 


We left feeling replete.  We are sure to return - and soon - with a good hour up-our-sleeve for sublime tasting leisure.


Total cost for two: $23.50

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